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Why Turbo Training is Awesome

Why Turbo Training is Awesome - Billy Bilsland Cycles

Steven Graham |

You may often find yourself getting rolled at the 30 sign sprint on your local club run. Left in the dust, wondering how to get that 'edge' on other riders. Well that's where the Turbo comes in. Consistent, Specific and convenient. Training from home is an excellent way to fast track your training to meet your goals, and more importantly, drop your mates ;)




Turbo training is easy. Simply get changed into a pair of bibs and start your warm up. Whereas if you were training outside; get into full kit, plan route, get nutrition ready, ride out to suitable efforts location and then finally, begin your warm up. By the time you've done all that faffing, you would have finished the session already if you were indoors. What I'm trying to say is, turbo sessions usually range between 45 minutes to an hour and in that time you can cram in a whole lot intensity (suffering). As opposed to having to ride for at least 2 hours outdoors, to get the same anaerobic training benefit.



Discrepancies in weather, road surface and traffic can have a huge affect on the quality of your training. You could be dodging potholes and getting stuck behind lorries whilst trying to do a threshold effort. However Turbo Training eliminates all external factors, allowing you to focus on high quality uninterrupted time in your required training zone. Therefore making your efforts more consistent, and in turn more beneficial.



Most Turbo Trainers these days come supplied with an internal Power Meter. This means, with regular testing, you can be sure you're training in the correct zones. Making it super easy to fast track your training by getting the maximum out of your body in each session. Many Turbo Training software's such as Zwift offer a variety of specific sessions for you to chose from.




Long gone are the days of old where Turbo Training involved staring at your garage door with only the smell of burning rubber for company. Now home training is more sociable and enjoyable than ever. With the introduction of Smart Trainers which mimic road surfaces and parkours, such as hills and gravel roads, there is plenty going on to keep you engaged. Furthermore the rise of Esports is prominent making it easier than ever to meet up with your mates for a spin or enter a virtual Gran Fondo or even a Stage Race. If you're really keen, then you can even race against cycling heros such as Matthieu Van der Poel and Geraint Thomas! Who doesn't love a bit of healthy competition?


By all means we are not saying that you should never ride outdoors again. However we are saying that you should definitely incorporate Indoor Training into your weekly program, it's a no brainer :)


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