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  • Find Your Fit with Lake - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Find Your Fit with Lake

    Efficient transfer of power starts at the feet, and a pair of well fitted cycling shoes can revolutionise your ride. Lake Cycling UK make awesome cycling shoes. They’re a favourite...

    Steven Graham |

  • Superfeet Custom Insoles - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Superfeet Custom Insoles

    If you are looking for a way to improve your comfort and performance while cycling (as well as running, walking, or standing) you may want to consider Superfeet custom moulded...

    Steven Graham |

  • 5 Easy Bike Maintenance Tasks - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    5 Easy Bike Maintenance Tasks

    5 easy bike maintenance tasks to keep your ride in top shape If you're a cyclist, you know how important it is to keep your bike in good condition. Regular...

    Steven Graham |

  • Cervelo Soloist - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Cervelo Soloist

    The Original Cervelo Soloist was an icon. Launched in 2002, it introduced aerofoil tubes and aerodynamic design to the cycling world. The Soloist was ridden by pro teams like CSC...

    Steven Graham |

  • Patrick wins the Puffer - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Patrick wins the Puffer

    Wednesday, 18th January 2023 My First Strathpuffer   When I was first asked about riding the Strathpuffer in 2019 I was all for it. The plan was simple, 3 bikes 3...

    Steven Graham |

  • E-bike Loan - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    E-bike Loan

    Secure yourself an E-bike with an interest-free loan from the Energy Saving Trust. You've read our Electric Bikes - Explained Blog (HERE) and you've decided that an electric bike is...

    Steven Graham |

  • Festive Opening Hours - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Festive Opening Hours

    When open during the festive period, we are still operating by appointment only. Thank you to all our lovely customers, we hope you have a brilliant festive period and we'll...

    Steven Graham |

  • Ode To A Topstone - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Ode To A Topstone

    Monday, 10th October 2022  I just bought a new bike. While I am of course excited, I can’t help but feel it’s a bittersweet moment. It's bittersweet because sadly this...

    Steven Graham |

  • Genesis Vs Cannondale - Gravel Bikes - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Genesis Vs Cannondale - Gravel Bikes

    Gravel bikes are quickly becoming the most sought after bikes in the industry, as they propose this 'one bike' theory that many customers are after. Commuting - Gravel bike, BikePacking...

    Steven Graham |

  • New Frog City Bikes - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    New Frog City Bikes

    The NEW Frog City Bike THE NEW FROG CITY BIKE Frog has released a new bike - the City Bike, a kids hybrid bike built for the urban environment, whether...

    Steven Graham |

  • Cervelo R5 - Billy Bilsland Cycles

    Cervelo R5

    WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN "R5 has one job get to the top, fast. But for all the glory and fanfare that comes with a summit finish, they’re rarely...

    Steven Graham |