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Bike Fit

 Here at the shop we are passionate about cycling and making it fun for everyone, we believe that Bike Fit is a massive part of that. Our fitting service aims to help everyone from complete beginners to seasoned racers and everyone in between.

Our dynamic Bike Fit process aims to get you as comfortable and efficient on your own bike as possible. It is not restricted to a set number of steps and parameters like many other fits out there because the last time we checked every rider is different meaning that every fit must be different. This is why we tend to stay away from standardized body angle ranges as we like to take time with each individual customer and find out what their own personal needs are on the bike and not just what the computer screen says. So whether you are looking to squeeze out those extra watts for your next big event, looking to get rid of those aches and pains or a bit of both we are here to offer a service tailored to exactly what you need.

Our professionally trained bike fitter Barry is highly qualified in many techniques that are certified by the International Bike Fitting Institute, which allows us to offer a wide range of professional services. 

Saddle Fit £80

The most common issue in saddle fitting is more often how the saddle is set up rather than the saddle itself. Therefore, we do most of this process in our studio in-store where we put your bike on the turbo trainer to allow you to try a range of saddles whilst peddalling,  ensuring they are all set up correctly for your body shape and bike position. You could have the best-fitting saddle in the world but if it is not positioned properly then it will never feel right. The saddle is a key contact part of the bike which supports your pelvis so it is vital for your whole body position to get a saddle that fits well and supports you properly.

 After you have picked a favourite or two, we then allow our customers to hire out a demo model for two weeks so you can be certain you have made the right purchase. If you then buy a saddle from us, then the cost of the hire will be refunded to you on collection of your new saddle.

We range saddles from Prologo, PRO, ISM, Fi'zi:k and Selle Italia.

Cleat Fit - £80

Cleat position is vital. It is the first point of contact to the pedals which means they are paramount in getting the power through the pedals, so why guess at setting them up? As you probably already know most human bodies are asymmetrical so why force both legs into the same position? In this service we will cover; Fore, Aft, Medial, Lateral and rotation adjustment as well as using a range of varus tilt forefoot wedges and insoles along with Leg Length shims if needed. This fit will usually take around 1 hour to complete and makes sure you are getting optimal power transfer through your feet and reducing the chance of pain in the feet/ knees etc. 

Advanced Body Positioning - £170

In order to get the perfect position on a bicycle you must get three elements correct. Extension, Flexion and Balance. If even one of these elements is out, then the relationship between rider and bicycle will be severely sub-optimal. These three elements, if set up correctly, allow the body to be supported and well balanced which eliminates unnecessary stress on the body that causes premature muscle fatigue, thus increasing comfort and power. In order to determine the optimum mix of these three elements we use comparative on-bike testing in our studio to find the most efficient position, unique to every rider.

This service includes saddle fitting, saddle height, setback, stem length and height, handle bar width and lever positioning and should leave you feeling comfortable and stable on your bike. This service does not include cleat fitting and will usually take 2 hours to complete.

Full Professional Bike Fit £200 

This is the full works in terms of Bike Fit. In these services we will cover everything that we offer which is saddle fitting, advanced body positioning and cleat fitting. A full fit will usually take between 2 to 3 hours to complete. 

Fit Measurements Transfer - £35

Got more than one bike? No problem, if you have already had a bike fit or are simply happy with your current position and want to replicate it on another bike, we’ve got you covered.

Superfeet Custom Moulded Insoles - £85

The Supefeet carbon insoles we have been fitting during bike fits have been really popular recently so we have decided to invest in our own custom moulding machine to take it to the next level.

The insoles are heated up then vacuum formed to your feet to ensure perfectly fitted support across the midfoot and heel. This makes for amazing levels of comfort and stability resulting in more power! 

Detailed Fit Report

This is included in all the services that we offer. The report highlights changes made in the fit studio as well as full list of results along with your original bike measurements so that you can easily compare.

**Please be aware that costs above are not inclusive of required components e.g. Stems, Handlebars, Saddles, Cleat Wedges etc.**

If you are interested in finding out more about our bike fit services or booking a fit, email sales@billybilslandcycles.co.uk or use the form below.