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Helmet Starbuy

Helmet Starbuy - Billy Bilsland Cycles

Steven Graham |

But what is a Starbuy and how do I get 10% off my helmet?

Here at Billy Bilsland Cycles we're big on cycle safety. Making sure your bike is safe to ride and ensuring you're riding it safely is key to collision free riding and reducing the severity of the consequences when things do go wrong.

Through years of being keen cyclists and working in the bike industry we've seen first hand how using a bike helmet has saved cyclists from serious injury. Whether being involved in a crash or helping customers in the aftermath of one, we've witnessed helmets in some alarming states that just make you think "thank goodness that helmet isn't a cranium".


The Starbuy

To promote cycling safely we offer a 10% Off Starbuy across every helmet on our website, with any new bike purchase. Once you've added the bike to your shopping cart you will see the Starbuy become available in the top right of the product page. Simply click "Your Offers" and follow the arrow link through to select your desired helmet!


Ready to start bike hunting and claim 10% off a helmet?


A few of our Best Selling Helmets

To make choosing your helmet easier take a look at some of the options we've put together below. Whether a youngster learning the pedals or you're donning the lycra and chasing KOMs we've got helmets in a range of prices for all cycling disciplines.


Lazer Compact Commuter Helmet - £34.99

Lazer Compact Helmet

At this price the Lazer Compact offers the benefits of safer cycling in an incredibly affordable package. With a great amount of coverage around the back of the head, adjustable straps and retention system, and adequate vents to keep heads cool, the Compact provides a comfortable fit. One size fits all means that it fits all but the smallest and largest heads, and it also comes in a good range of colours to suit rider's taste.

The Compact also comes in the slightly higher specced DLX version offering integrated rear light, MIPS (multi-impact protection system) for enhanced safety, and a bug net across the front vents - nobody ever wants to find out what a "bee in your bonnet" really feels like!


Giro Hale Youth/Junior Helmet - £44.99

Giro Hale Helmet

The Giro Hale is an excellent youth helmet that winds down to all but toddler sized noggins, and the helmet doubles up well as a helmet for adults with slightly smaller heads too. Adjustable straps and retention wheel at the back offers a versatile fit and also comes in a range of colours for effective colour matching. Ideal as a lid for urban riding, it comes with a removable peak should youngsters want remove and enhance their aero story!


Giro Agilis MIPS Road Helmet - £89.99

Giro Agilis Helmet

Giro's all new Agilis helmet is a road orientated helmet that comes in male and female specific sizes and colours to fit all head sizes and colour choices. Large vents for better temperature regulation and sleek aerodynamic design set the Agilis our as an excellent and versatile road helmet that can be used across a variety of disciplines. This model features MIPS technology for enhanced head protection while there is a more affordable model without.


Ready to start bike hunting and claim 10% off a helmet?


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