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Buying your first Bicycle.

Buying your first Bicycle. - Billy Bilsland Cycles

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Bicycles are chameleons. They can do it all, exercise, transport, fun and most importantly, freedom. However if this is your first time buying and/or haven't ridden since your adolescence then check out our handy guide to make things a bit less mind boggling.


What style -

Our most popular bike styles for first time buyers are Hybrid and Gravel bikes. This is because bikes can get expensive and these two styles generally offer the best bang for buck as opposed to fancy Road or Mountain bikes and secondly they are super versatile. Hybrids are ideal for customers who don't want to make the jump to drop bars right away, as well as using for leisure riding and commuting. Hybrids can also take light off road paths/fire roads along with smooth tarmac which makes the switch between everyday rider to weekend adventurer seamless. Gravel bikes are ideal for riders who are a bit more serious and want to ride further/faster on tarmac or across rougher terrain. Whether you're wanting to get into BikePacking, have a longer commute or want to go exploring on the weekend with friends a Gravel bike could be a great option for you. However, if your heart lies purely off road and you plan to only be riding single track and trail centres, then a hardtail Mountain bike would be a better option than a hybrid or Gravel bike. Although we would only recommend a MTB over a Hybrid if you are purely riding off road. Hybrids are far more efficient and therefore more fun than a MTB on cycle paths and tarmac. We often see people make the mistake of buying a MTB as a simple daily run around, don't make that mistake buy a hybrid instead.

If you know what kind of riding you want to do but are still unsure on what that relates to in terms of bike styles then please don't hesitate to get in touch via sales@billybilslandcycles where we will be happy to answer any queries and steer you in the right direction.


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What size -

Sizing can be a tricky subject. Most riders can fit two sizes of bikes, I know that might seem crazy but it's true. Yes you can use the manufactures sizing guide, but I stress this is a guide. All bike brands measure their bikes differently, therefore you could be a small in a Genesis and an extra small in Cannondale. Although we can't go through the bike buying process in store, we can offer our click and collect service. This means that (if you're comfortable) we can do a basic position check on collection of your new bike to ensure that the size is right and in turn, make any necessary changes to benefit your ride. However don't panic if you have to buy your bike for delivery. If after a couple of riders you don't feel something is right then please get in touch via sales@billybilslandcycles with a side on picture of you on your new bike and/or a video of you riding. From this information we will be able to make some observations and suggest changes which will help alleviate your issues.

Where to buy -

Obviously we would always recommend shopping with an independent bike shop, however this isn't us just blowing our own trumpet. Buying local allows you to have experts pretty much at your disposal who you can, ask for advice, take your bike in for servicing/repair and even get a Professional Bike Fit to avoid any aches and pains that never bothered you X amount of years ago, when you last rode a bike . Of course due to the current climate it is nearly impossible to buy a bike in store. Although try and be mindful of the websites you are browsing on. Buying from big chains and online only bike shops will only rob you of all the aftercare and support you receive when buying from a local independent, which is crucial if you are a first time buyer.

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