Here at Billy Bilsland Cycles, we pride ourselves in our after-sales care. We want your bike to be in tip-top riding condition for as long as possible.

We offer a free Health Check-Up (what we call a Safety Check Service) after around 6 weeks, once you have put a few miles on the bike. After purchase, you may find that the chain and cables stretch ever so slightly, so your gears may fall out of sync and slip. This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

We ask that you bring your bike back in and we can tighten things up and give the bike a quick once over to make that everything is running well. We'll chat with you to make sure that we deal with any issues that you have.

To book in for your check-up, call email or message using the contact details in the footer, or fill in the form below and mention that it's your free 6-week check-up. We'll get back to you with a time ASAP