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Bikes by Brand

We believe in providing our customers with top quality brands. With each brand that we select to bring in to our company, we believe that they produce a great range of products that we either choose to use ourselves or see them being a great choice for our customers.


We've got some outstanding deals on some incredible quality products, take a look and see what savings you can make.


Complete bikes we have complete faith in. We only stock bikes from the top brands. Whether you are a competitive cyclist or just starting out you will find a bike that suits your needs.


Whether upgrading your current frame or starting from scratch, buying a frameset is the first start to a custom fitted cycle

Gear for your bike

There is no end of the amount of gear that is available for your bike - but some of it no cyclist should be without. Life without a track pump is not worth living.

Gear for you

Cycling is hard. It's hard on smooth roads and in balmy weather never mind what we endure. Great kit leads to great rides and there are some items that no cyclist should be withoiut

Gift Vouchers

Cyclists can be difficult to buy for, why not take the hassle out of choosing and allow them to pick what they really need. We do gift vouchers between £5 and £100